The aesthetics business – learning to be outstanding

The aesthetics business - learning to  be outstanding

There are three main routes practitioners can take when getting started.

Your route will depend on factors such as your appetite for risk, geographical location, and how much time you have to give. The three options are:

  • Employment by a clinic chain or independent clinic. Our Academy graduates have found that they are being employed by clinic chains immediately after obtain a qualification, without independent experience treating patients. This is unprecedented, and a result of the credibility of our Injectables qualification and Skin Rejuvenation qualifications in parallel; alongside increasing awareness of employers of the quality of our graduates.
  • Renting a room within an existing business (e.g. a spa) and allowing them to promote your services to their existing client base, with a revenue share model between the practitioner and the existing business. This option is how many practitioners get started.
  • Renting your own premises, and creating a brand. This option invoices a higher capital input initially, but ultimately yields greater profitability and freedom.


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